Week 49: John 19:25

Week 49: John 19:25

Week 49

John 19:25 “Standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.”

 The women in Jesus’ life were extraordinary people!  The Bible always presents them in positive ways (except possibly for Salome, wife of Zebedee, who asked for special favors for her sons, James, and John, see Matthew 20:20-21).  The Bible says in Luke 8:1-3 that certain women used to support Jesus and His ministry from their financial means; this list includes Mary Magdalene, Joanna (wife of Chuza-the steward of Herod), and Susanna.

 But in our text today we find the heights of womanly love and loyalty, for here we find these women standing near the cross of Jesus!  Here we find true Christian discipleship.

 Here at the cross of Jesus, we find Mary, Jesus’ mother.  Is it possible to imagine the excruciating sorrow and the deep grip of anguish that filled Mary’s heart?  Can we imagine what was racing through her mind as she watched her Son die?  Surely all the memories of the angel’s announcement of her pregnancy, of Bethlehem, and the birth of Jesus, rushed into her remembrance.  Her unnamed sister was there, as was Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene, all sharing the moment of Jesus’ suffering, torment, and death.

In these women, we see such grand virtues!  We see courage, loyalty, commitment, and most of all, we see LOVE!  The men, except for John, had fled, but these women, all faithful disciples of Jesus, stood nearby to share this horrible moment with Jesus.

 Shall we admire these women?  Of course, let us do so!  But most of all, let us emulate them; let us set them before us as examples to follow in our own lives.  We also have moments in our lives that challenge our faithful following of Christ.  We also have those agonizing events and moments that stretch our faith and put a strain on our emotional strength.  But let us, like these, stand fast with Christ so that we might be steadfast for Christ!

 Christian friend, your life matters; your journey in this life is significant!  Never assume that your fidelity to Christ is unimportant.  Follow Him in love, courage, peace, and obedience; seek to know and love your Savior in every experience of your life.  Where Jesus is persecuted today in this world, stand with Jesus.  Where He is vilified and treated with scorn, joyfully bear your cross with Him.  Let the model of these women challenge and guide you.  And as we stand for Jesus in our lives, we recall the words of our Master when He said, “Everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven (Matthew 10:32).”

 Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for these women who stood faithfully by and loved Jesus in the hour of His need and death.  Please give to me the courage and the strength to stand with Jesus today in my life.  And give me the wisdom and understanding to know how and when to do so.  Amen.

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