Week 36: John 21:15

Week 36: John 21:15

Week 37

1 Peter 2:6 “Behold I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious cornerstone, and he who believes in Him will not be disappointed.”

Jesus is precious to our heavenly Father, and He is precious to us who believe in Him.  There is nothing in Jesus that needs changing or improving; He is pure and beautiful in every respect.  His wisdom is perfect, and His teaching is simply true in every aspect.

We who know Jesus as Savior are amazed at the loving and effectual sacrifice He made for us on the cross.  Joy and gratitude fill our souls, as we ponder Jesus taking our sin and paying for our judgment before God the Father. 

The believer never finds our Shepherd Jesus to fail in any regard to life.  He is tender and faithful to us and to His promises made to us.  When we don’t understand His actions, or what appears to be a lack of action by God on our behalf, we wait in silence knowing that He is wise in His deliberations and delays.  He cannot fail us because His love for us cannot end.

Jesus is all in all to us; He is life, peace, joy, beauty, and hope.  We find in Jesus everything for which our souls could ever long.  He is precious to us, He is the cornerstone of our lives and our destinies, and we ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED in Him!

Our Father has given us the best by giving us Jesus.  We rejoice exceedingly that the Father chose us for Jesus and sent His Spirit to draw us to Jesus.  We canonize that choice day, that happy day, when we first tasted the sweetness of faith in Jesus and forgiveness of sins through the saving work of Jesus.  And we have found Jesus since that happy day to be everything we could ever want and more.

Oh, what a glorious prospect it is to know that some sweet day, that glorious day to come, we will go home to Jesus!  It is with keen anticipation that we yearn for His loving embrace and His precious “welcome home, my beloved.”  But until then, we seek His enablement and leadership so that we might walk the path of righteousness and faith until that happy home-going day.  Until then, we seek His face, His will, and His way.

Dear Christian friend, you will not rue the day when you came to Jesus; you will bless that day as the happiest day of your life.  Jesus is our cherished and beloved Savior and Lord.  Pour out your hearts to Him in prayer and seek His teaching and will for your life.  Honor and love Him in all your life, and you will not regret it.  In the end, you will discover something you have known all along: Jesus is precious and does not disappoint those who trust in Him.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I want to love Jesus more!  I want to follow Him in discipleship, and I want to honor Him with my life.  In all phases of my life, help me to worship and exalt Jesus.  Thank You. Amen.

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