Week 34: Mark 14:6, 8

Week 34: Mark 14:6, 8

Week 34

Mark 14:6, 8 “Leave her alone; why do you bother her?  She had done a good deed to Me…She has done what she could.”

If you think the world will applaud your service to Christ, then you are heading for a GREAT disappointment.  The world does not applaud Jesus, and it will not award His disciples in His service.

Jesus seems to be quick and curt in His response to this attack on this woman and her lovely deed.  The criticism of her and her sweet and sacrificial gift to Him struck a nerve in Jesus, and He defends her.  Actually, in this section of Scripture Jesus does three important things: 1) He defends this woman; 2) He asserts His affirmation to the woman in what she did; and 3) Later in the context He explains why this deed was done.  Did she know that she was metaphorically preparing Jesus for burial?  She probably did not know, but she “did what she could”, and God used it to preach a powerful message about the cross.

Let us think about God’s perspective of our seemingly meager, but sometimes sacrificial service, for Him.  In the midst of several people who criticized, judged, and condemned this woman, Jesus protected her, and He showed her that He understood and approved of her gift and sacrifice.  Surely, this was much more valuable to her than the perfume she had lost in serving Jesus.  He encouraged her, He gave His smile of approval, and she was very likely moved by His love and kindness.  There is nothing more powerful in the world than the power of love and kindness!  The Lord understands when we give to Him from our hearts, even though the gift may be misunderstood and misjudged by others.  Let us remember that God sees things from a totally different perspective than humans; He sees our hearts, and He measures our gifts by our love.

This dear woman took what she had, and she did what she could with it.  Is this not the call of God to each of us?  Does God not say to us as He said to Moses when Moses was called by God, “What do you have in your hand, Moses? (Exodus 4:2)” What we have in our hand, and in our lives, becomes our stewardship before God.  The Lord asks for nothing more than what He has given to us, but we MUST give back to Him His rich gifts that He has bestowed upon us.  Let us take what we have and serve Jesus with it; let us love Him, follow Him, and seek His glory with all that is ours.  God will use your life and your gifts to bring glory to His name and good to other people.

Dear Christian friend, use your time, talents, and treasure to serve our Master, who has given all to us.  Let us take the time in our lives to do what we can, with what we have, where we are, as long as we are able.  And the Lord will use us and our service to Him and for Him.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me not to fixate on the criticisms of others when I serve you.  There are times when my offering to You seems small and insignificant.  But help me remember that You look on the heart, and You take our service, and You use it in ways that would amaze us.  Give us the faith to believe that this is true. Amen.

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