Week 25: Deuteronomy 33:27

Week 25: Deuteronomy 33:27

Week 25

Deuteronomy 33:27 “The eternal God is a dwelling place (literally, “refuge”), and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

God has His people covered from top to bottom.  Our text today proclaims that God is a refuge, shelter, or dwelling place (i.e., a place to get out of the weather).  So, the top is covered!  But also, underneath us are His everlasting arms to keep us from falling.  So, the bottom is covered, as well!

There are times when we need God to be our refuge, a roof over our heads.  He shields us from the torrential rains of affliction and sorrow, lest we are overwhelmed and crushed by the load of hardship and disappointment.  Were He not our umbrella of protection, the dark ominous clouds of difficulty would pour upon us a deluge of trouble and sorrow.

But it is also true that we might fall into the deep chasm of loss and catastrophe to our utter ruin.  And there are so many dark holes in this life into which we might be cast headlong and gone forever.  But underneath our souls and lives are the everlasting arms of God.  He is with us always, and His arms of strength and love perpetually hold us up.

These are strong and loving arms.  They are strong, but kind and gentle.  And they are everlasting, meaning that they are resolute and dependable; God’s arms never get tired or need a break.  God always holds us up with His everlasting sovereign arms.  God will not lose His people!

In some moments of life, we feel fear that comes from worrying about what might happen to us, or we find ourselves anxious about circumstances out of our control.  The worst fear comes from those great unexpected abysses that seem to rise up and swallow us.  We fight against worry about the “what ifs” that seem to form caverns of hopelessness that lead us to despair.  We wonder if life will suck us into the void of the black hole of destruction.

But God’s arms are there, always there, and evermore there.  Where is God?  He is with us.  What is He doing?  He is sheltering us from above, and His arms are underneath to catch us if we fall.  Our Lord has thought of everything; trust Him and follow in His ways.  This is the path of wisdom and peace.  If you wish to enjoy the calm that comes from resting in the Lord, then think about His everlasting arms holding firmly over the void beneath; you are safe now and forevermore!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for holding me up.  Thank You for undergirding me and keeping me from falling into disappointment and despair.  Fill my heart with gratitude for Your care and ministry.  I need nothing else, but You. Amen.

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