Week 23: Psalm 27:14

Week 23: Psalm 27:14

Week 23

Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord.”

Sometimes the most grueling, difficult, and arduous work in life is to WAIT.  Christians make a great mistake when we try to help God out; we should never do that.  Abraham and Sarah stand as a great examples of this!  Whenever we think God needs help, we are saying something terrible about God.  And whatever we seek to accomplish for God causes more problems than it solves.

No, there are times in life when the most holy act of obedience is to wait upon the Lord.  But waiting on the Lord is not a passive feature of life; it is active, focused, and intentional.  We wait on the Lord when we embrace a promise that God has given us in the Scripture, cradled in the gospel, and we know in full assurance that God WILL fulfill His promise in our lives.  We wait with hope, knowing that God is faithful to fulfill His promise in His way, in His time, for His glory, and for our good.  These are the four pillars of waiting on the Lord.  We trust His wisdom, we rest upon His goodness, and we rejoice in the fulfillment of His promise.  Waiting on the Lord is the seed of the promise; the fulfillment will come in God’s good time like the flower in FULL BLOOM with sweet fragrance and soul-satisfying beauty to delight our souls for all eternity.

Every person who has embraced holy waiting has been glad that he or she waited on God.  There is no regret in waiting on the Lord!  All one needs to do is endure well, and the solution will one day come.  The day will assuredly arrive when God’s promise will explode in beauty and joy in our hearts. 

While we wait, we worship, we trust, we pray, we express praise to God, we love, and we seek to follow Jesus in life.  Waiting is never laziness; waiting is intense and purposeful.  It is important to never lose our hope in Christ and His promises in the gospel.  This is manna to our hungry souls and living water to our thirsty hearts.  We will maintain our spiritual strength as we wait upon the Lord.  Fight hard and well against Satan’s attacks against your waiting; he will use the darts of disbelief, doubt, and distrust to burst the bubble of your confidence in God.  Never let this happen!  Rather, trust in the Lord with all your heart (Proverbs 3:5); your waiting upon God will be rewarded in good order in God’s time.

Prayer: Dear Lord, it is SO HARD to wait, even upon You.  But I know that Your promises in Christ to me are true, and I know that You are trustworthy and dependable.  Please give me the discernment to know when Satan is tempting me to doubt You and give me the strength to tenaciously hold tightly onto Your promises. Amen.

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