Week 18: Psalm 62:1

Week 18: Psalm 62:1

Week 18

Psalm 62:1, “My soul waits in silence for God alone; From Him comes my salvation.”

 Waiting is a natural and necessary part of life.  But it doesn’t come easy.

 There are so many times that we must wait in this life; answers don’t always come quickly, and many times answers don’t come at all. Waiting is a common human dilemma for which we need special peace and help from the Lord.

 We wait for answers to prayer; we wait for circumstances to improve, we wait for our dreams to come true, and we wait for trouble to clear up. But we must remember that we are waiting on the Lord; waiting is ALWAYS waiting on the Lord whether we know it or not.

 When waiting, it is good to not grump. But if we are waiting on the Lord, then we know that He will answer prayer in a way that is commensurate with His will and in a good way for us. We must remember that it is from God alone that all good things come; He is our salvation!

Three key parts to this text speak to our waiting on the Lord.  First, waiting on the Lord takes place deep in the soul (“my soul waits”).  We must have depth to wait, for waiting occurs in our inner life.  We must not live shallow and superficial lives; we must live from the deep recesses of our souls. This is why we must review God’s truth when waiting.  Second, we must learn to wait in SILENCE!  Oh, how difficult this is!  We love to “share” with other people, we enjoy telling them how difficult our lives are, and we sadly substitute human comfort for divine comfort.  If we wait in silence, it means that we are truly looking to the Lord for all things.  Silence is the price we pay for exercising faith in God.  Third, we look to God alone.  This does not mean that we don’t take seriously our role and responsibility in life, nor does it mean that it is wrong to accept help from some kind of fellow Christian.  But it does mean that we do not invest our hope in human resources and help; we invest our joyful anticipation only in the work and blessing of God.

When we wait upon the Lord, we honor Him with faith and our dependence.  This pleases the Lord and strengthens us in our spiritual lives.  As a result, we will see God do some remarkable things that give Him all the glory.

Christian friend, God is not disinclined to give attention to your life and problems.  He desires to magnify His grace, power, and love in your life experience.  This exalts the Lord and brings comfort to you.  Trust in Him, and all will be well.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I find that I am often anxious about my troubles and hardships.  I do not want to dishonor You in these matters.  Please grant that I may in my suffering and my fears point my faith toward You and Your promises.  I rest my hopes, my dreams, and my struggles on You, and You alone.

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