Week 14: Psalm 139:16

Week 14: Psalm 139:16

Week 14

Psalm 139:16 “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.”

Our lives are but the visual and physical outworking of God’s ordained will and providential care.  We exist because He wills that we exist, and in our existence, we find that His kind hand guides and protects us.

 Even before one day of our lives came to be He knew us and His purposeful plan, worked out in the circumstances of our lives, was written in His book.  We are not random and arbitrary molecules swirling in a sea of uncertainty and doubt.  God made us!  And in this fact alone we find our purpose and meaning in this life.

 Birthdays are reminders that God made us; birthdays are reminders that we are His!  Look at your life as a gift from God.  Learn the wisdom that comes from seeing His purpose in every event of your life.  Every moment is like a piece in a beautiful mosaic of color and complex patterns.  Each moment is necessary for the whole picture.  God is the artist that put you together; He makes the picture of your life.  Rejoice in this purpose and trust the skillful hand of your Artist to get the picture right!

 There will most assuredly come a day when you will see the design of God’s purpose and plan.  Today may not be that day, but that day IS coming!  And when that day comes, you will rejoice exceedingly; you will praise God for His wisdom and goodness to you.  And in that moment, you will fulfill the true purpose of your existence, for you will give all the glory to your kind, caring, and saving God!

Christian friend, today may not be your birthday (or it might be!) but celebrate your life today.  Celebrate your life, not as a rebel in rebellion against your God, but celebrate it as God’s gift to you.  Your life came from the Lord, your life belongs to the Lord, and your life is designed to bring glory to the Lord.  Rejoice in this knowledge and live in the happy light of it.  You have a purpose!  Your life has meaning!  Turn your days into praise and live for the glory of your Creator God.  Give God the glory for your salvation and thanks for your new life in Christ.  Your salvation was why God made you.  Then turn your celebration into faithful Christian discipleship.

 Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank You for making me, and I thank You for saving me.  Help me this day to be thankful for Your great love for me; help me to rejoice in Your goodness in my life.  I know my purpose is to live for You; please grant that I may live in the light of this grand and glorious purpose.  Amen.

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