Week 13: Psalm 52:8-9

Week 13: Psalm 52:8-9

Week 13

Psalm 52:8-9 “But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever.  I will give you thanks forever, because You have done it, and I will wait on Your name, for it is good, in the presence of Your godly ones.”

The psalmist is careful to give all praise and glory to God for any and all blessings in his life.  He describes himself in this text as a “green olive tree in the house of God.”  God has been good to him, and he feels and experiences God’s grace and aid in all seasons of life, even the seasons of dryness when there is little rain.  But still, he remains like a green olive even in drought, because his trust is in the Lord.

How wonderful and assuring it is to trust in the lovingkindness of the Lord!  This is the main defense against Satan’s lies.  We have a Good Shepherd who never leads us astray; we will not listen to another voice.  The lovingkindness of the Lord is described repeatedly in the Scripture and is confirmed in life experience.  No matter the darkness, the lovingkindness of the Lord is a warm light to illumine our way.  No matter how deep the valley through which our journey must pass, the lovingkindness of the Lord accompanies us with strength and peace.  The lovingkindness is so marvelous that the psalmist states that he will trust in it “forever and ever.”  There is never a time when the lovingkindness of God is insufficient.

It is for this reason that the psalmist gives “thanks forever.”  He gives God credit (“You have done it”), and this instigates trust for the future.  This is why the psalmist says that he will “wait” on the Lord’s name “for it is good.”  We sometimes are conquered by the fear of what MIGHT BE.  But here is our confidence: God is good, His lovingkindness is everlasting, and we can trust in Him in all things.

The child of God must not live his or her faith in the shadows; we must beam the light of truth to others so that by it they may find their way to God.  The writer of this text states that he will give thanks “in the presence of Your godly ones.”  Let us be open, honest, and free with our praise and thanks to God, for there may be a sad struggling soul who needs a nudge to trust in his Lord.

Prayer: Dear Lord, You have been faithful to us.  Your lovingkindness is manifest in all types of ways in our lives.  We have found You to be trustworthy and true.  Therefore, we will continue to trust in You and praise You for Your mercies and care.  Help us to share our joy with others, helping them to know You are worthy and dependable.  Thus, I pray that You will draw others to Yourself through our sweet expressions of praise to You. Amen. 

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