Week 11: John 14:1, 27

Week 11: John 14:1, 27

Week 11

John 14:1, 27 “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me…Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

 Turmoil and unsettledness make a troubled emotional sea difficult to bear.  Circumstances that rob us of our cherished security cast us into the deep water of worry where we feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

 But circumstantial trouble is often small compared to the trouble we feel in our souls.  Worry and anxiety rise within the human heart like monsters threatening to crush our peace and security.

 Jesus speaks to His disciples to help them with this problem, and what Jesus says cuts at the root of worry. 

 Jesus speaks of three important aspects of winning the battle of soul disturbances.  First, Jesus forms the basis of inner peace by talking about faith in God and in Christ.  Faith and fear cannot inhabit the same heart at the same time.  Jesus reminds us that God exists, and He reminds us that He is the One in whom we must put our faith.  This faith is like a mighty gun to blast fear out of our hearts.  Faith believes in God and faith believes all that God has said, resulting in assurance and certainty. 

 Second, Jesus announces to His disciples that peace is a gift that He gives to us.  Jesus bequeaths to His saved people many wonderful and rare gifts, including peace.  Peace only comes from Jesus; peace is the favor that Jesus bestows on those who trust in Him.  What a wonderful peace this is!  This peace glistens with heavenly joy and wonder.  Jesus says that this peace is His peace; it has His grandeur and majesty in it.  There is no peace on earth that compares with the peace that Jesus gives.  The Bible calls this peace incomprehensible to the human mind (Philippians 4:7); it is miraculous and supernatural.

 Third, Jesus calls His disciples to act decisively on the basis of truth and Jesus’ gifts to us.  We must believe that what Jesus said is true, then we must put our faith and obedience into action.  We must comply with His teaching on this subject, and we must embrace it to live by it.  Truth is always true, but it takes action to implement the power of truth in our lives.  We MUST live in accord with what Jesus says!  Then peace comes to take up residence within our humble abode, and it brings its favor and freedom.

 Dear Christian friend, will you not this day hear the words of Jesus?  Will you not take His gift of peace for your life?  Trust in Him, and you will find Him faithful to every promise He made.

 Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me this day to trust in You.  Help me to believe Your promise and word, so that I may follow You and know Your peace in my heart in the storm of life that I face.  Thank You for Your wonderful grace gifts to me, including peace for my struggles.  Amen.

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