Sunday Night Training

Sunday Night Training

The need for Christian training has never been greater!  Falsehood and deception are all around.  Beginning in January 2020, FBCF will dedicate Sunday nights to training.  We will concentrate our efforts and time on training.  The schedule will be from 5pm to 6 pm each Sunday night.  There will be no activities or events after the training time.  There will be certain designated Sunday evening worship times during the year–there will be scheduled and promoted.  During the training hours on Sundays, there will be three different schedules of classes.  The first schedule includes four different groups meeting (see below).  The second schedule will be a Pastor’s Class for all ages (youth and adult).  The Pastor’s Class is for all ages in youth and adult categories; all church members who fall into these age groups are urged to participate (see below for second scheduled class).   The third scheduled class is a DVD addressing the important issue of the historicity and reliability of the Book of Genesis.  This class will meet twice (see below).

First Schedule*

January 5 – no evening activities

January 12  

Women’s Ministry Class  (meets through March 8)

Children’s Baptist Academy (meets through May 13—also on Wednesdays at 7pm)

Deacon Ordination Council, 5:00 pm in Choir Room (one meeting only)**

Deacon Ordination Service:  In the sanctuary at 6:30 pm

  • January 19
  • Women’s Ministry Class
  • Children’s Baptist Academy
  • Pastor Time (PT)  (meets through March 15)
    • January 26
  • Women’s Ministry Class
  • Children’s Baptist Academy
  • Pastor Time (PT) 
  • Baptist Academy  (meets through March 15)

Second Schedule***

Pastor’s Class (PC) (“The Bible”) / Children’s Baptist Academy

  • March 22
    • March 29
    • April 19
    • April 26

Third Schedule – DVD, “Genesis as History” 

May 17

May 31

*Location of Training Meetings:

  • Women’s Ministry Class – Room 100A
  • Children’s Baptist Academy – Room 113
  • Baptist Academy Class – Room 100B
  • Pastor Time (PT) – Fellowship Hall
  • Pastor’s Class (PC) – Fellowship Hall
  • DVD, “Genesis as History” – Fellowship Hall

**Deacon Ordination Council meets in Choir Room

***Pastor’s Class is for all ages youth and adult.  This class will meet for four weeks.  No other classes will be conducted during the Pastor’s Class, other than the Children’s Baptist Academy.

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