Remember the Risen Christ!

Remember the Risen Christ!

Remember the Risen Christ!

2 Timothy 2:8 NASB “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…”

“The church is ever exposed to the world, ever vulnerable to its alternative reading of reality, its system of values, its outlook, its habits, its prejudices, its temptations, its counterfeit gospels, its fraudulent hopes, its dangers, its pressures, its distractions, its dark holes, its conflicts and persecutions.” David Wells (“God in the Whirlwind”, page 192).

Easter is over; the holiday is past. But the truth of Resurrection Day is forever relevant and significant in life. I want to encourage each of you as Christians to never put away the truth of Christ’s resurrection. I want us all to remember it, ponder it, and apply it to every experience of life. Only as we do this, we will be kept anchored to the Lord and steadied for the living of these days in Christian service.

Paul must have been concerned that Timothy needed to remember the resurrection of Christ; this is why he mentioned it to Timothy in this epistle. How can we remember the risen Christ?

Remember the risen Christ by faithful Sunday church worship attendance. Every Sunday is a reminder that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

Remember the risen Christ by obeying His teaching. Because Christ is risen from the dead, this makes Him Lord over all. Our obedience to Christ acknowledges His victory in resurrection.

Remember the risen Christ by cultivating faith and joy in Christ throughout life’s experiences. By showing confidence and assurance when we face life’s difficulties, and by nurturing Christian joy in Christ despite hardship, sorrow, and struggle, we show the worthiness and power of the resurrected Christ.

Remember the risen Christ by focusing your life goal and purpose on Christ’s promises in life and eternity. Live for the Lord, and make heaven your daily destiny. Don’t settle for the trivial and insignificant of life; rather, set your sights on the promises of Christ in heaven. 

In these ways, we who are saved will resist the pull of the world by living in daily celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Make every day Resurrection Day!

Pastor Greever 

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