Pastor’s Heart Devotional | Volume 2

My personal time with God each day is a blessed experience for me. Reading the Bible, praying, and taking time to consider God’s truth on a personal level has contributed inestimable mercies to my life. The collective impact of meeting with God day after day is unimaginable and maintaining a daily devotional time with God is one of the most powerful, life-changing disciplines that a Christian can establish.

Whenever I am asked what a new Christian should do to establish a vibrant Christian walk with Christ, I always counsel to start and faithfully sustain a regular devotional time with God. Innumerable blessings will follow.

Some time ago, I began to write devotions out of my personal quiet time with God. These short devotions are collected in this book and made available to you, the reader, and they are offered to you with the prayer and hope that they can be of some assistance to your walk with Christ.

These weekly deviations center on the providential care and promises of God for His people; thus, these pieces are written to Christians. I believe the devil wreaks havoc in a Christian’s life when joy and peace are severely damaged by life’s trials and heartaches. When a Christian hurts at the deepest level, a pivotal point comes; he will either experience God in His magnificent grace and loving provision through the means of grace, or he will very likely become disillusioned and yield to despair. These devotions are written to prohibit the latter from happening.

Whatever flaws are found in these devotional writings are mine alone. I will be eternally grateful to God if He chooses to use these in the lives of others. May the Lord bring assurance, courage, peace, joy, and comfort to His “sheep” through these expressions of biblical assistance. The “pastor’s Heart” yearns to be a blessing to God’s people in these days of challenge and danger.

My prayers are offered for your spiritual health and maturation.

Soli Deo Gloria!

John Eads Greever,

Fenton, MO

November 2022

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