New Post-Vaccine Church Schedule Plan Announced

New Post-Vaccine Church Schedule Plan Announced

Letter to Congregation from Pastor Greever

What a remarkable year we have experienced together!  I want to write to you today to share some soon-to-come changes that will occur in the church schedule at First Baptist Church of Fenton.  Now that we are entering a new phase regarding the pandemic, we are planning accordingly.

Beginning June 6, we will reopen in-person Sunday school Bible classes at FBCF.  On June 6, these classes will begin their normal routine at 9 am.  If you have questions concerning the Sunday school classes, contact Terry Coker (  Sunday evening June 6 (and most Sunday evenings thereafter) at 5 pm the Pastor Time event will be held at the church’s Fellowship Hall.  On Wednesday night, June 9, we will reopen the in-person Prayer Meeting in the church’s Fellowship Hall.  THE MORNING WORSHIP WILL CONTINUE TO BE LIVE-STREAMED, AND BOTH PASTOR TIME AND THE PRAYER TIME WILL HAVE AN ONLINE OPTION, AS USUAL.  We will use the link for Pastor Time and Prayer Time as normal for those who wish to join us online for those events.  We will continue to use church emails and texts as significant communication bridges; thus, we urge each church member to keep the church office informed as to a correct email and phone number for each person.  Contact Pam Prestien to update or register contact information (  We will also continue to receive offerings through the offering boxes at the church (sanctuary and foyer) and with online giving (  Thank you for your support!

There are a number of items to keep in mind.  First, this is a next phase effort.  This means that as we move forward in time, we will be doing more activities.  Also, we have learned much about personal public health and safety during these days. Unfortunately, we will very likely continue to face COVID and other viruses.  Let us continue to use wisdom and discretion with respect to mitigating these issues.  Each worshiper and attender of church events is personally responsible for his or her own health choices.  Finally, although we are removing the guidelines regarding masks and social distancing, if a person wishes to wear a mask and continue to implement social distancing for protection, this is fine, and we will attempt to accommodate you, as much as possible.

Finally, we all need to do our part to support God’s church and the gospel in the ministry of the church.  This includes maintaining unity, kindness, patience with each other, and support for the church body.  Many of you have done wonderfully in this regard, and I thank you.  Let’s do our best to what is right for the glory of God!

For Christ and His Gospel,

Dr. John E. Greever

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Fenton

Post-Vaccine Church Schedule Plan

When?  The Post-Vaccine Church Schedule begins Sunday, June 6.

What?  Beginning Sunday, June 6, FBCF will enter into the next re-opening phase, which includes:

  • Sunday morning services will continue to meet in person and be live-streamed.
  • Sunday morning Bible Classes will begin June 6, with the exception of those classes choosing to remain as an online format for the present.
  • Sunday night Pastor Time will begin in-person meeting and will continue online through Zoom.
  • Wednesday night Prayer Meeting will begin in-person meeting (beginning June 9) and will continue online through Zoom.
  • Choral Ensemble will begin meeting on Wednesday nights at 7 pm June 9.
  • Monthly Church Meetings will move to Wednesday nights beginning with the June 16 meeting.
  • Beginning Monday, June 7, the church office will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of each week at regular office hours.

With these changes, the following needs to be noted:

  • There will be no passing of the offering plate.  Please use the offering boxes (sanctuary and foyer), or use the online giving option (
  • FBCF will continue to commemorate the Lord’s Supper with sealed units.
  • FBCF will continue to exercise caution with in-person contact.
  • The distribution of paper to the congregation will be held to a minimum.
  • Each church member and worship attender is encouraged to take responsibility of his or her own health care concerns.
  • Mask-wearing for those who choose to wear them is fine, and for those who request social distancing, we will accommodate this request, as much as possible.
  • Anyone manifesting symptoms of sickness is encouraged to stay home and join us online.

Attitude and Perspective:  It is always important to maintain a positive attitude when changes occur.  Our goal is not to please people in these changes, but our goal is to move forward in our ministry to include options, which the pandemic has removed from us.  It is important to note that FLEXIBILITY is a key component to successful transitions.  We should not look at this next phase as the final phase; rather, we should see it as the next step.  We are hopeful that more steps can be taken in the near future, as circumstances warrant.  We hope to add more activities in the near future.

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