Chasing Love Study to Begin Thursday, March 25

Chasing Love Study to Begin Thursday, March 25

Doesn’t happiness come from finding “REAL LOVE”?

From music to movies to social media, sex is everywhere. And many people today think sex itself is the route to happiness. But Jesus showed that true happiness comes from loving God and loving others. In a culture filled with tension over sex, gender identity, same-sex sexual relationships, pornography, and sexual abuse, we have to ask: Is it really possible to fully follow God’s design for love and sexuality?

Yes, it is.

We live in a society that challenges us daily when it comes to tough topics related to sexuality, but God doesn’t leave us to find the answers on our own. He shows us his design for sex, singleness, and marriage in His Word.

In this nine-session Bible study, Sean McDowell takes us through God’s Word to answer some of our toughest questions about love, sex, gender, and relationships. He provides practical counsel on how we can embrace a life of purity by loving God and loving others with both our body and our soul. We’ll learn how to show love to those living outside of God’s design. And we will discover that God’s love heals our wounds and His grace frees us from the shame and guilt of past sin.

This Bible study will help you:

  • understand and embrace God’s design for love, relationships, and sexuality.
  • see that you’re never beyond God’s forgiveness and grace.
  • learn how to engage the LGBTQ conversation with both compassion and biblical clarity.
  • respond in compassion to those who have been abused or who believe differently.

When does the study begin?

The study will begin on Thursday, March 25, at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Please use the Lower Level Entry. The study will meet for nine weeks on Thursday evenings.

Are Study Guides available?

A study guide will be available for purchase, and we recommend at least one per household if not one per student to use at the meeting and for homework assignments during the following week. Please indicate how many books are needed when the registration form is completed.

What will a sample meeting look like?

Each meeting will feature a 15-minute video presentation by Sean McDowell followed by a lesson facilitated by Terry Coker and the Youth Sunday School Teachers for various discussions related to gender-oriented sessions. All meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m. and conclude on or before 8:30 p.m. Use this link to see the scope and sequence of the nine sessions.

Use the following form to register for the study:

For first-time participants only!
For first-time participants only!
For first-time participants only!
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