New Heart Needed

New Heart Needed

New Heart Needed

J.C. Ryle in his book “Old Paths”, says the following about the need of sinners for a new heart: “Would you know the reason why such multitudes around yo take no interest in religion? They have no real concern about God, or Christ, or the Bible, or heaven, or hell, or judgment, or eternity. They care for nothing but what they shall eat, or what they shall drink, or what they shall put on, or what money they can get, or what pleasure they can have. It is their heart which is at fault! They are destitute of any taste or inclination for spiritual things. They need a new main spring. They need a new heart.”

This concisely and cogently describes the problem of sinners, and it describes the essential miracle of regeneration. Regeneration by God’s grace through the power of the Holy Spirit in response to the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms the human heart into a God-loving and God-enjoying reality at the core of life.

Therefore, all church ministry must minister to people with this essential problem in mind. We should not emphasize lesser problems, but we should prioritize this key problem as the main problem.

Thus, we should keep the clear gospel of Jesus Christ in focus in our church life, worship, and ministry. And, we should be people of prayer, beseeching the Holy Spirit to empower our ministry and bless our work for the salvation of souls to the glory of God.

Pastor Greever 


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